Pediatric Services Specialist

Is your child sick, injured, or due for a checkup? If so, bring them in to see Josef Khalil, MD, at his practice, Phoenix Family Medical Care and Advanced Medical Aesthetics, in central Phoenix. No matter your concern, Dr. Khalil makes time for you and your little one. He accepts walk-ins and same day appointments. Book your visit today online, over the phone, or simply stop by.

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Pediatric Services Q&A

What are pediatric services?

Pediatric services are those medical care services targeted at children and teenagers, from birth to 18-year-olds. At Phoenix Family Medical Care and Advanced Medical Aesthetics, Dr. Khalil offers pediatric services to children ages six and up, including:
Preventive care
Immunizations and flu shots
Sick visits
School physicals
Sports physicals
Annual checkups
Allergy testing
Health counseling

Dr. Khalil also diagnoses and treats various injuries, infections, and chronic and acute illnesses, and he can weigh in on behavioral health issues.

When should I bring my child in to see the doctor?

In addition to their annual checkups and immunizations, your child may come down with an illness that warrants a trip to Dr. Khalil’s office. Because kids so often expose themselves to bacteria and germs, you can struggle to know when an illness is serious and when it isn’t In general, follow this rule:  If your child sustains a fever of at least 100º F for 48 hours, take them to see Dr. Khalil.

Also, if they have a fever of 104º F or higher, bring them in for a walk-in appointment immediately. If your child displays or complains about any of the following symptoms, bring them in for an appointment:
- Persistent diarrhea lasting more than a few hours
- Ear pain
- A rash accompanied by extreme fatigue or lethargy A rash that doesn’t improve with over-the-counter treatment - - Pain with urination, especially with female children

With so much information on the web, you can become frantic with worry. When in doubt, call Dr. Khalil, even just to check in.

Why is pediatric care important?

Pediatric care is essential not only because it keeps your kids healthy, but also because it models for them how to interact with doctors and advocate for themselves. By helping your children speak up for themselves and foster a good relationship with their pediatrician, you’re helping them develop life skills that will serve them well when they’re adults. Your child’s health is too important to gamble. If you have a child who is 6 or older, schedule their annual checkups and their sick visits with Dr. Khalil. Book your appointment online or over the phone today. If you have a non-life threatening emergency, you can also forgo scheduling and stop into Phoenix Family Medical Center’s walk-in clinic.