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 Dr. Khalil and his team

Dr. Khalil and his team of board-certified physicians assistant who specialize in all areas of adult and pediatric medical, and cosmetic needs. Using the latest technologies and the most effective treatments in the field, Phoenix Family Medical Care and Advanced Medical Aesthetics offers a host of services to patients designed to enhance appearance and improve self-image and sense of well-being from the inside out.




Tammy, Provider and Office Manager

Tammy has worked in the medical field for 38 years with different medical professions (psychology, chiropractic, medspa, medical laser school, podiatry, and family practice). She is originally from Washington State and moved to Arizona in 2016. Tammy loves the gym, hiking, sports activities, and anyplace on or by the water. She is also a Licensed Aesthetician and Cosmetic Laser Tech. Tammy loves to help others and change people's lives through fitness and their skin. Tammy loves life and interacting with patients and coworkers to create a pleasant experience in the office. Tammy is an IFBB Pro (Internal Federation of Bodybuilding Professional) and relates this experience of commitment and dedication through other life experiences and work. Her favorite motto is “how I do one thing is life is how I do everything.” Tammy has 2 daughters and 4 grandbabies!   


Jessica, Healthcare Referral Coordinator

Jessica is the Healthcare referral coordinator and has been working in the medical field for 5 years of advancement and achievement. Confident team player with demonstrating success working in the medical field. Jessica is committed to helping patients with their needs and achieving their requests. She started her career at Urgent Care in 2014 and moved on to Family Practice in 2018. Jessica has been assisting with patients since then and is highly motivated to keep going. Now, she has moved on to referring patients out to specialists and making sure that she has met their needs. Outsideof work she is all about spending time with her children and fiancé.


Gaby, Front Desk

Gaby has been in the front desk for 3 years. . She is a certified phlebotomist with 5 years of experience. Gaby has worked in customer service for 15 years providing professional services to our community. she is dedicated to providing a service that helps people change their lives in a positive way. Gaby is a passionate individual about our world and the community we all share.. She strives to make you feel welcomed and cared for like family. Gaby loves to spend her free time with her family exploring and experiencing the world around us.

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